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When you see the mattress is available in fixed size (for example, Twin or Queen), and the description does not specify the exact size, you can use the following table.

Mattresses (in inches):
Twin Mattress 39" wide x 75" long
Full Mattress 54" wide x 75" long
Queen Mattress 60" wide x 80" long
Cal-King Mattress 72" wide x 84" long
King Mattress 76" wide x 80" long

Additional mattress sizes (in inches):
Twin extra long 39" X 80",
Cot size mattress 30" x 74"

All mattresses are made according to certain standards, but different brands sometimes have exceptions. Most often, the difference is 2-5 inches. Of course, in any case it’s always better to call us and specify the exact size of the mattress. 

Most bed dimensions (such as Twin, Full, etc.) generally coincide with the sizes of mattresses. But there are brands that produce non-standard size beds (usually that’s a kind of beds with creative design and these beds generally have specified sizes).
Mattress Sizes
Tips when buying a mattress:

1) Buy the mattress on which you can rely on. Therefore, for the first time it is better to buy a mattress in the store, where you can touch it, sit down and rest on it. Thus you will be able to assess the quality and compare the prices. Life of the mattress you can check out after the start of use, or by price (usually the more expensive the mattress, the longer its life). But remember there is no single mattress that works for all people.

2) Verified and reliable mattress can be bought online, especially when you buy mattress and bed or other item (so you can save on shipping cost). That’s preferably to buy a mattress that you have used/seen before. And if you do not know what to choose, ask for advice from the seller. Seller will advise you which mattress should be bought for particular type of bed, he/she also knows the price and sizes. Seller can tell you about the quality and help you to choose the best product according to your budget.

Due to the fact that all customers prefer different mattresses depending on price or brand, we offer you a wide range of mattresses and beds. Look, choose, evaluate and enjoy!

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If you are searching for the comfortable mattress for the convenient sleep select the one you like from different manufacturers. You have a great opportunity to choose the size you prefer (Twin, Full, Queen and King Sizes to choose). Each of the mattresses is designed to offer the quality and convenience you expect. When you decide to purchase one of the carefully manufactured products you will discover a great number of peculiaritiessuch as the superior support, comfort and quality that deliver a better nights sleep every night. Almost all of the mattresses from the Brands feature exclusive coil design which eliminates sleep-disturbing motion transfer and allows each spring to respond individually to create an exceptionally supportive and comfortable sleep surface.

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